Himalayan International School

Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliation No.: 2133019, School Code: 81938

Salient Features

Some Basic Element of the Philosophy of Our School

Development of aesthetic sense in children is adequately taken care of through introduction of music and other fine arts. Those who are endowed with better potentialities are taught to do more but all are encouraged to appreciate what is taught in the music and fine arts. The programme starts right from Class 1, where children sing rhymes, and the programme continues in primary section through action songs in musical and dancing. It is hoped that this education may be able to bring about peace and harmony.

Free expression through drawing and painting is also an integral part of the school education from the earliest stages. It is needless to say that all efforts are made to help the children develop their personalities.

Socially Useful Productive Work and Activites/CCE Programme

Common craft such as paper folding and cutting is introduced in the primary stages making meaningful collections and learing their classification is done by children.

Right from the primary classes, children start learning simple crafts. Their activities are continued and improved upon in the middle classes. Making working models and toys is also taught. In senior classes workshop practice will be given. All such activities give them competence and confidence in making use of technological development effective in their daily life are taken up.

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